Belmont Station

Belmontas of 7:42 PM

Bayshore Northbound and Southbound Elevators Out Of Service.

Allow Bicyclists to board first on bike cars..

This display provides the train number, train type and countdown prediction to departure and refreshes every 60 seconds automatically. In the event of a service delay, predictions may be suspended accompanied by rider notifications above. Note: Real-time FAQs and Mobile Device Station List

Paid Parking Resumes

Effective April 26, 2021

Paid Monthly and Daily parking resumes at Belmont Station.

A Daily Parking Permit may be purchased for $5.50 from a Ticket Vending Machine (24-hour limit from time of purchase) or the Caltrain Mobile app. After parking, take note of your parking stall number.

Caltrain Shuttle Service

Effective April 26, 2021

Shuttle service will remain at Belmont station when the Hillsdale Station opens for service on April 26, 2021.

Caltrain will notify operators and customers when shuttle service will resume at Hillsdale Station. The delay is caused by work on 25th Avenue which is not expected to open to traffic until late summer.

On April 26, the Belmont/Hillsdale Shuttle will be cancelled when the Hillsdale Station opens.


Belmont Station Service

Effective April 26, 2021

Service will be adjusted at Belmont Station with the opening of the Hillsdale Station. Weekday and Weekend timetables available

Belmont Station

Zone 2

995 El Camino Real, Belmont 94402
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Transit Connections:
SamTrans: ECR, 260, 397, 398
ShuttlesBelmont - Hillsdale

Wheelchair Accessible
Yes; elevator available

Bicycle Parking:
18 Bike racks
On demand BikeLink e-lockers

375 spaces; All spaces follow Caltrain parking rules. Fees apply except for the spaces allocated to the special events below:
Off the Grid food trucks – Mondays, 3 pm to 10 pm, spaces 238 to 267 and 341 to 365.
Farmers’ Market – Sundays, 7 am to 3, spaces 238 to 289 and 341 to 380.

Vendors currently using Belmont’s south parking lot will be permitted to continue allowing their patrons to park free during their events in the south lot. Parking in north lot during the Off-the-Grid and Farmer’s Market events will require payment.

Ticket Vending Machines
2 machines

Caltrain makes being sustainable easy.  Customers are encouraged to place paper, glass/cans, food and trash in the same waste container.  The contents make their way to Newby Island Resource Recovery Park where machinery and trained staff sort all contents for appropriate recycling or landfill.

Public Telephone
1 phone

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