Summary of Changes

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In August 2021, Caltrain service returned to pre-pandemic levels, but with various enhancements and new options for customers returning to the system. Back by popular demand, the Baby Bullet express trains return to the schedule. More frequent evening service means more options for customers dining out, attending evening events, or even just working late!

The agency significantly increased the number of trains scheduled during the peak commuting hours with a wider variety of service options for customers’ different needs and priorities.

Summary of Changes - Weekday Schedule (August 30, 2021) 

  • Increased service and frequency throughout the day & evenings.
  • Baby Bullet returns.
  • Four trains per hours during peak commute (6 a.m. to 9 a.m. & 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.) with Baby Bullet, Limited Express and Local Service.
  • Introducing Limited Express train service during mid-day periods.
  • Consistent weekday transfers for most trains at Millbrae Transit Center.
  • Third train added to Gilroy Service.

Summary of Changes - Weekend 

  • Increased Sunday Service: 2 additional round trips.
  • Unified weekend schedule: Identical schedule operates Saturdays and Sundays.

See a Complete List of Changes.

See service descriptions and patterns shown in the diagram below.

Service Type (2 digit: 1 letter, 1 no.) is posted on the train exterior next to or on locomotive or front cab car.

Information Service081221


Weekdays – Peak Hours

Service Type B7, Train No. 7XX Series
Baby Bullet service is the fastest travel option, stopping at only a few of the most popular stations between San Francisco and San Jose.

The red columns on the schedule indicate Baby Bullet Express Service trains.


Weekdays – Peak Hours
Service Type L3, Train No. 3XX Series
Service Type L4, Train No. 4XX Series

Weekdays – Early Morning, Midday, Early Evening
Service Type L5, Train No. 5XX Series
The new Limited service simplifies travel options by having trains make the same defined set of stops. The Limited service offers more frequent service at key stations and faster travel times. College Park Station has limited weekday service.

The yellow columns on the schedule indicate Limited-Stop Service trains.


Weekdays – All Day
Service Type L1, Train No. 1XX Series
Makes all stops between San Francisco and San Jose excluding Broadway and College Park Stations. Some trains begin/end at Tamien Station.

Weekend – All Day, Same Saturday & Sunday Service
Service Type: L2, Train No. 2XX Series
Makes all stops between San Francisco and San Jose including Broadway Station, excluding College Park Station. Some trains begin/end at Tamien Station.

The white/gray columns on the schedule indicate Local Service trains.



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