Bikes and Caltrain


Caltrain is offering 100+ FREE eLocker hours when you link your BikeLink and Clipper accounts. Learn more about our eLockers

Project 529 Partnership: Caltrain and the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Transit Police have partnered with Project 529 to help register bikes and prevent loss. Learn more

Bicycles are a major mode of access to the Caltrain system, providing an efficient and sustainable way for riders to arrive at their origin station or final destination. On a typical weekday, more than 10% of Caltrain’s customers ride a bike to a station. With bike share’s growing popularity and the ongoing implementation of improved bike parking and access, riders can choose a variety of ways to bike and use Caltrain.


Caltrain offers a number of bike parking options at stations, including bike valet, shared parking garages, electronic lockers, keyed lockers, and racks. Learn what’s currently available, and how Caltrain plans to grow its bike parking program.

Bike Share

Bike share programs--where individuals can use a shared bike on a short-term basis--are thriving across the Caltrain corridor, offering riders an easy first and last mile solution to their commute. See which stations and cities have bike share programs.


Caltrain encourages bike parking at stations and bike share; however, for those who need to bring their bike on the train there are a limited number of onboard bike spaces. Find out how to load and store a bike onboard, obtain a destination tag, and review the rules.

Safety & Security

Learn tips to help keep bikes safe, find reporting information, and access Caltrain’s lost and found.

Stay Informed

Get the latest news about bikes and Caltrain, follow the Caltrain Twitter bike handle, and stay informed with the Caltrain Bicycle Advisory Committee.


Learn few tips and guidelines for riders who use scooters for their first last/mile solution.