Rider Information

Welcome Aboard!

How to Ride - New to Caltrain?  Here are a set of videos to help introduce our service.

Information Guide- Provides information about Caltrain's services.

Accessibility - Riding Caltrain if you have a disability.

Destinations - Offering attractions served by Caltrain.

Safety & Security - Promoting Rail Safety to our community through education.

Newsletters & Notices - Keep up to date with service changes.

Special Events - Service to sporting, musical, community and holiday events.

Bicycles - Describing the most extensive bicycle access program among passenger railroads in the nation. 

Scooters - Learn few tips and guidelines for riders who use scooters for their first last/mile solution. 

Stations - Provides information about Caltrain's 32 stations.

Parking - Do you need to drive to a Caltrain station?  Here are your parking options.

Recycling - Caltrain makes it easy for customers to recycle.

Lost and Found - Misplaced a personal belonging on Caltrain?

Expressive Activity - Caltrain fully supports the First Amendment regarding expressive activity

Title VI - Information on policies that comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Major Service Issues Explained - Some insight as to what’s happening behind the scenes during a major disruption to quickly restore service.

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