Caltrain Modernization

Program Overview

The Caltrain Modernization Program (CalMod) includes electrification and other projects that will upgrade the performance, efficiency, capacity, safety and reliability of Caltrain’s service. Electrification provides the foundation that future CalMod improvements are based on, including full conversion to an electric fleet, platform and station improvements, the extension of service to Downtown San Francisco, and other projects that allow Caltrain to grow and evolve with the Bay Area.

All Aboard! View the New Electric Train in Virtual Reality

Experience the future of Caltrain by diving into an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience of the new electric train. Explore three different cars and get a first-hand look of the train’s new features and amenities. See what your future riding experience will be like on the high-performance trains.

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Caltrain Electric Train


Caltrain Electrification is a key component of the CalMod Program. The current project will electrify the corridor from San Francisco to San Jose and will replace 75% of Caltrain’s diesel service with electric--providing cleaner, greener, and better service to the Caltrain community.

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Document Library

Visit the CalMod document library for monthly progress reports, budgets, schedules, environmental documents and more related to the overall CalMod Program.

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