Go Pass Parking Application

Caltrain Go Pass customers are eligible to purchase a Monthly Parking Permit through the Caltrain ticket vending machines between the 21st of the month prior to the parking permit being valid until the 15th of the designated month.  Only one permit may be purchased per month.  Please note that when parking in a Caltrain-owned lot, a valid Daily Parking Ticket or Monthly Parking Permit is required otherwise the vehicle will be subject to citation.  For additional parking information, click here.  

Go Pass on Clipper (Pilot Program Users):  Please contact your Go Pass benefit program administrator on how to purchase the Monthly Parking Permit.

Upload your Go Pass identification badge showing your employer, name, photo and valid year Go Pass sticker and complete this application (If your ID badge is two-sided, please upload both sides).  Be sure you submit the correct year application and the ID you include shows the application year on your Go Pass sticker.  If your ID is damaged and not clearly identifiable, your application will not be processed.  

Within five business days, you will receive an e-mail confirmation containing an access number that can be entered into any Caltrain ticket machine to purchase the Monthly Parking Permit.  Payment is made at the time of purchase. The access number you are given is valid for the year as shown on your Go Pass sticker and will be terminated if the Go Pass associated with the account is lost, stolen or damaged, separate from the participating site and/or if your participating site no longer remains in the Go Pass program.