Fare Structure

Fare Structure
The Fare Structure (formerly known as Codified Tariff) is a legal document that outlines the specific fares for the train system. For fare adjustments, Caltrain will seek public comment on proposed changes and hold a public hearing. Any changes to the Fare Structure are approved by the Caltrain Board of Directors at a public meeting.

Fare Structure - effective 6/3/21 (PDF, 116KB)
Caltrain Fare History 1980-2019 (PDF, 24KB)

Previous Fare Structure
Codified Tariff - effective 10/1/17 (PDF, 120KB) 
Codified Tariff - effective 2/28/16 (PDF, 352KB) 
Codified Tariff - effective 8/1/14 (PDF, 40KB) 

Fare Policy
The Caltrain Fare Policy (Fare Policy) is a framework of high-level goals that underlie and guide fare-related decisions for the Caltrain system.

Fare Policy - adopted 12/8/18 (PDF, 142KB

Charter Train, Bike Lockers and Parking Fees
Charter Train, Bike Lockers and Parking Fees section was part of the Codified Tariff. For customers interested in those services, please refer to the document.

Charter Train, Bike Lockers and Parking Fees – effective 1/1/2020 (PDF, 23.1KB)

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